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School management thought differently.

From Students, for Students

Our Vision

We want to digitalize the traditional School management in favor of the students.
We want to create a platform where students feel motivated and supported.

Schoolspace is a School management App which Satisfies these needs in a professional and intuitive way.
We have over 3 years of experience in Ed-Tech and can tailor Schoolspace to every School's individual needs.

Live Timetable Feature

Log-in with your School Email and get access to your personal Timetable in real-time.
You don't have to insert any Lessons - we load your Timetable on your device, so you have access to it everywhere and all the time.

Tap on any Subject to get more detailed Information. Know where and when a Lesson starts immediately.

Switch between different Tabs to access more Features: - like for example „Absences”

Help Feature

Students have instant access to professional psychological help.

If a student needs help, they can tap on our Help Button and immediately get connected with a professional.

Grades Feature

Get a clean overview of your school grades and plus points.

We calculate how your grades are going and which subject needs improvements.

We can connect you with experienced and good Tutors if needed.

* Coming Soon

Our Team

Lorenzo Bernasconi

Co-Founder & Head of Sales and Marketing

Attends High School at Freie Katholische Schule Zürich (FKSZ) and would like to start studying economics next year.

Pascal Gehring

Founder and CEO

Attended the Mathematics and Natural Sciences High School (MNG Rämibühl) and will soon start his studies at ETH Zürich.

Daniel Klauser

Head Of Technology

Recently completed his Master of Science at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU).

Advisory Board

We work together with some well-known Partners and
have even established an Advisory Board

Ubaldo Piccone

EMBA Digital Leadership, Strategic Growth

Manuel P. Nappo

Founder and Director of the Institute
for Digital Business at HWZ

Oliver Flueckiger

Entrepreneur, Lecturer and Speaker

Schoolspace Canton


* Available for public Schools in the Canton of Zurich

Get Schoolspace for your school.

Can be purchased by any School - Our Team will connect it with their already existing School management Platform / System.

If you purchase Schoolspace + you will get access to a lot of new Features. By working together with your School, we can even implement new and innovative Features just the way You want it.

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